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Buoyed and overwhelmed by the number of views and visitors plus inquiries I have received concerning this new product offering – GistandCash –  on my blog place in the last 8-10 days since I created it for this product (we have had 2,345 unique visits from Facebook alone ), I have therefore decided to publish this post which is a Beginner’s Tutorial on how to get started on GC.

If after reading this tutorial , you are interested in getting started on my network on GistandCash, please do not hesitate in sending me an email at





The GC project is all about building  the largest and most financially rewarding closed user network group (CUG) on a dedicated a Globacom trunk line 08074 where anyone who is on this trunk line gets to call each other for free no matter where they are;

Now, they not only get to call each for free monthly 24/7 but they get to earn both active and passive revenues for adding/referring people into the 08074 CUG trunk line through GC and also earn a commission every time the people they add directly or indirectly recharge to stay active on the service.


The amount of money you can earn after being activated on this particular trunk line is directly and indirectly dependent on the number of people you and your CUG team members under you are able to bring into your collective reward generating CUG network under the mother CUG.

For everybody you refer directly into the 08074 trunk line, you earn N200 which will be immediately credited into your Mobile money account with Stanbic ibtc which is your GC-Glo line.

Every time that person you have added directly brings in someone or the person they add brings in anyone, you earn an extra N100 and continuously like that until you reach your CUG peak capacity.


In addition to your income on referrals, any time anyone under you directly or indirectly recharges to stay active on the network monthly, you earn an additional N100 per person directly on a monthly basis. All these monies are credited immediately into your mobile money account on your phone and you can also follow up on how your earnings are growing through your personalised GC web account.


Now, based on the size of the network you and those under you and above you have created (because you can’t join the network in isolation. You need to plug in through an existing member which in this case is me, chiefo) you and your team will earn different levels of bonuses as shown below.

Team Commission

This team commission is based on the size of your personal CUG. Let’s take for instance the size of your CUG makes you an ETT (Executive Team Trainer), you earn an additional 30% of the combined income of everyone under your 1st generation of CUG users and an additional 5% of the combined income of the CUG users on your 2nd Generation and so on like that as the size of your CUG grows.


Additional Earnings based on RankingsImage

Award Packs



To get started, you need to register with N3,500 to get activated and receive your sim pack. You get the first month subscription to make calls for free but would have to ensure that you pay a N2,000 monthly subscription to keep your line active and make free calls on the trunk line but don’t let that scare or discourage you. Paying your N2,000 subscription fee won’t be an issue the moment you are actively adding people. You can even decide to pay a full year subscription in advance and get one month free (i.e pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free).


Adding people on GC works in a cycle or tree of 7 starting with you.

What this means is that when you join, you are expected to add at least  7 other people directly under you to begin the construction your own CUG network and start earning money. This doesn’t however mean you can’t keep adding more people after your 1st generation line is full. Everyone you add after your 1st generation CUG line is full is automatically placed under one of the people in your 1st generation line to form the start of your 2nd generation CUG user group.


Now each of the 7 people you have added immediately under you are also required to add at least a minimum of 5 (max of 7) more people too directly under them and so on like that till your genealogy reaches the 7th generation/level of CUG users which is the maximum.

By the time you get to d 5th generation CUG users , your cumulative monthly revenue is about N1.68m on just referrals alone while you earn another N1.68m on a monthly basis when everyone under you pays their monthly subscription fee (N100 per user). Other revenues based on d size of your CUG as shown on the blog.

After you have completed your own registration, your username becomes your new referral code for people you add directly to your CUG tree. However your first referral username for you to plug into the 08074 trunk line is mine which is chiefo (case sensitive)


I’ll help you create your GC user account online before you pay. The network i belong to has already pre-paid in advance for a certain number of lines using a credit line so we have the codes to create multiple users. I have attached a screen shot of the info I need you to send me by email below for the purpose of creating your account.


I’ll notify you after your account is created so that you can sign in to change your login details or update your personal data. I’ll require you to change your password after your line has been activated after payment.

Your GC-Glo line will be activated after you have paid your N3,500 business pack fee into our bank account which will be sent to you by email. I’ll require you to send me your payment teller details after making payment and if you did an online transfer, furnish us with the account details the transfer was made from. (Please send me an email at request for the account number)

It takes between 24-48 hrs for your GC-Glo line to be activated and ready for pick up or delivery.

Depending on your location, we would make arrangements on how you can pick up your sim pack or have it delivered to you but once your line is active online, you can start referring others and making money.

With your user name and password created after you have completed your registration, you can access your online web account by clicking on the “back office” tab on the GC website ( home page to monitor your credit status (after your sim card as been activated),  view those connected to you and those who are actively referring more users into the CUG or not actively referring people.

Once your sim is active…all you have to do from that point is START GISTING FOR FREE 24/7 (make sure you register your line with the glo network as required by NCC), keep your line active by ensuring you pay your monthly subscription in time in order to access your cash earnings and KEEP REFERRING PEOPLE TO JOIN DIRECTLY UNDER YOU LIKE I AM DOING NOW!

For more information or clarification, please do not hesitate to get across to me by email.

I look forward to hearing from you and adding you on this great train which promises you the dream of financial freedom you have always wanted.

Send me an email now on

Yours Truly,


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