• Very low start up capital/cost of N3,500 to purchase your dedicated GC-GLO SIM PACK which comes with an immediate NGN200 cash credit paid into your mobile money account with STANBIC IBTC BANK which is your GSM number. This number can then be used to draw your cash earnings at the due dates which is twice every month on the 15th and 30th. Payments can only be made for now into RichVison’s/Partner dealers bank accounts or pay directly in cash at the designated offices for sales in Lagos and Abuja. When filling your form online or in a printed form, remember to indicate that you were referred by me (that’s the only way you can benefit from my actively growing network and also be logged into the product). My user name on the platform is  chiefo (case sensitive) or you can simply click on this link below  after payment to fill your form online and click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ link to access your registration form. Select the bank deposit option as your payment option.
  • Remember you can only log into the CUG through an existing member and in this case that would be me (chiefo) being your referral. Benefits of logging through me is that you get to be a part of an actively growing network which will boost the growth of your own CUG too directly and indirectly. I can’t refer more than a team of 7 people directly under me and I HAVE ALREADY FILLED MY FIRST 7 people! Every new person I add now benefits the 8th person indirectly on my list and so on like that which means the earlier you join my team, the better your ranking will be on my list. That means you benefit directly from my own referrals and I also benefit from yours till we all build our collective CUG to maximum capacity. So you see, we are all working together as a team to increase our CUG size and hence our earnings.
  • Make and receive phone calls 24/7 from GSM GC-GLO lines users  at ZERO call rate monthly! Monthly Subscriptions of N2,000 apply after the first month of activation which is free. (however don’t let this scare or discourage you…wait till you see the figures of what you stand to benefit when you recharge). Even if you don’t build your network, you still get to call for free and that comes with the huge cost savings of making free calls to an unlimited number of lines within your own CUG and that of the entire 08074 trunk line). Benefits of this CUG GSM line apart from free calls to all 08074 numbers are:
    • Attractive voice tariff of 20k/sec charged for calls to any Glo line (outside the CUG members) and 30k/sec for calls to any other network. Please note that this is from the first minute billing.
    • Attractive SMS of N5.00 to any Glo lines and N10.00 to any other network.
    • Free 200Mb data bonus upon activation.
    • Unlimited Glo to Glo FREE calls with other subscribers nationwide 24/7.
    • Instant activation upon registration of SIM.
    • SIMs are already connected and ready for use.
    • Attractive voice tariff of ₦7.50k/min charged for international calls irrespective of destination (Outside the CUG members).
  • You can build and own a lucrative revenue source with ‘GISTANDCASH’ by earning both active and passive residual income for a lifetime and you can earn as high as NGN 1,680,000.00 and above (as high as NGN 82m) cumulative earnings on just referrals alone building your own CUG network within the mother trunk!
  • GISTANDCASH’ converts your phone from a liability to an asset. You also get a dedicated website to monitor and track both your passive and active earnings based on new members that join your CUG either through you directly or a member you had previously added.
  • Finally, through GistandCash, you get to have freedom that empowers and live the life of a financially free future you have always dreamt about!

‘GistandCash‘ rewards you in five (5) different combined ways:

 1.Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)

This is an instant bonus you get credited with in your mobile account once a member you referred directly joins the mother CUG!

You get paid a one-time bonus of N200 for directly sponsoring a new GSM CUG user after activating your own CUG line under an existing user and N100 for indirect CUG referrals from those you have added personally within your network up till the 7th level.
2.Executive Customer Acquisition Bonus
3.Team Commission
Every qualifying member who is active in a month by paying the monthly subscription fee of N2,000 earns this income. This income is guaranteed as long as you and your team members remain active. Below is the chart showing the earning potential of a completed matrix.
4.Leverage matching bonus
You are paid between 20% – 50% of the earnings of your first (1st) generation no matter where they are placed in the matrix as well as 5% on earnings of your 2nd to the 7th generation.
5.Rank Advancement Bonus

Send me an email at to get details of how to make payments to purchase and activate your GC-GLO sim pack and how to complete your registration to become a part of this product.

It’s time for you to take OWNERSHIP of your journey and pathway towards that financially-free future you have always dreamt about! START building your own CUG network TODAY and also begin to benefit directly from my own CUG network NOW!

I really like the sound of the word ‘PRESIDENT’ and that’s where i want us to all be in this CUG family i have just created within the MOTHER TRUNK.

DON’T FORGET…The network you belong to in this mother trunk is directly proportional to your earning ability and your smart & best choice right now is joining my network!

Send me that email NOW and let’s get started together as a great team destined for great heights!


chiefo (Fabiyi Adetola Amos)


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